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WVMI110528Active$29,000LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI110908Active Under Contract$130,000ResidentialRidgeleyWV32
WVMI111050Active$16,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111052Active$18,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111054Active$26,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111056Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111058Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111060Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111062Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111064Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111066Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111068Active$28,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111070Active$18,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111072Active$18,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111074Active$18,900LandFort AshbyWV
MDAL134484Under Contract - Pending$48,000ResidentialLavaleMD21
WVMI111204Active$34,900LandFort AshbyWV
WVMI111264Under Contract - Pending$169,900ResidentialKeyserWV42
WVMI111342Active Under Contract$484,682ResidentialRidgeleyWV341
MDAL135078Active Under Contract$120,000ResidentialCumberlandMD32
WVMI111362Active Under Contract$42,000ResidentialFort AshbyWV31
WVMI111396Under Contract - Pending$145,900ResidentialRidgeleyWV31
WVMI111398Under Contract - Pending$169,900ResidentialKeyserWV31
WVMI111406Active$45,000LandWiley FordWV
WVMI111356Active$10,000LandFort AshbyWV
WVHS114778Active Under Contract$49,999LandAugustaWV

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